VTRAC Robotics is a technology enablement company with a focus on RPA and robotics. VTRAC Robotics strategizes, customizes, and integrates robots to empower your business by offering AI-based solutions to make your daily Tasks more fast and convenient. We partner with leading products and organizations across North America and SME’s around the world, to offer a seamless integration of robotics’ platforms that match your business needs.



Intelligent Interaction

By deploying our robotic solutions, we enable customers to experience real-time intelligent interaction to perform various services that are customized to meet your business’ goals, including facial detection, voice and command recognition, navigation, physical manipulation, cloud access, IoT, placing orders and more. 

Robotics as a Service (RaaS)

Our main focus is to future-proof your business and recognize the increasing importance of the requirement for continuous transition and improvement. Through “Robotics as a Service (RaaS)”, we store data that is collected by the robots on our secured cloud, enabling access across multiple locations. Moreover, we enable your company to benefit from the collected data and apply it in your business real-time, in order to evolve and push future updates.

Dependable Digital Footprint

The digital footprint of customers is the key to improving services and making ongoing adjustments to provide the best possible customer experience. Our solutions included advanced integrations with our robots through as RFID, Facial recognition, and other secured authentication scenarios.

Holistic Industry Specialization

Our consulting approach focuses both on the tech side and business side of clients’ needs, providing a holistic view to innovative robotic solutions. We take your business through a customized journey based on your goals to introduce new values in competitive markets. Our subject matter experts specialize in different types of Businesses including Retail, Banking, Promotions, Education & Healthcare.


The Robotic Experts

We live and breathe Robotics Technologies and Solutions. But seriously, we really do. Over the last 2 years, we have come in direct contact with over 200 robotic suppliers and solution providers, visiting just over 60 of them directly at their manufacturing facilities. Based on our expertise, we carefully match your business needs to some of the world’s best robotic solutions to provide seamless solutions and new found business value.

State of the Art Integration

We deploy the latest robotic solutions through Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Services and Internet of Things (IoT), to provide you with the perfect balance of user experience and efficiency for your business needs.

Our Engagement Model, Your Results

Our bottom line is only as good as the results our robotic solutions achieve for you. Each client is put on a custom journey where we ensure you are best prepared for a smooth integration of our robotic solutions. Through analyzing your business needs, customizing a solution, and integrating a custom plan for execution, we ensure you are best prepared for adaptation while maximizing results.


While our robotic world is always evolving and changing, we offer full support for already deployed robotic solutions in order to provide more a seamless experience and assist in fulfilling business needs. 


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