We Are VTRAC Robotics

VTRAC Robotics is a technology enablement company with a focus on RPA and robotics. VTRAC Robotics strategizes, customizes, and integrates robots to empower your business by offering AI-based solutions to make your daily Tasks more fast and convenient. We partner with leading products and organizations across North America and SME’s around the world, to offer a seamless integration of robotics’ platforms that match your business needs.

VTRAC Robotics Team

At Our Core

We are collaborators, problem-solvers, and core believers of technology for humans

At VTRAC Robotics, our mission is simple: to enable businesses to be their best selves. Through fostering a culture of partnerships, we take your business through the journey of understanding the inefficiencies, realigning strategies and elevating current platforms through implementing robotics.


VTRAC is all about quality delivery and relationships. We have built our methodologies, developed our business, and have experienced consistent growth because of our quality work and relationships that we have established with our team members, clients and our network of professionals. Everything we do is focused on one common objective: quality.

Robots 4 Humans

We empower you every step of the way. Throughout this digital era, it is simple to lose the emphasis on the human talent that shaped your business. We create strategies that go hand in hand with humans, not replace them.


Support of each other and teamwork in every project is one of the keys to VTRAC’s success. VTRAC encourages and supports working as a team at all levels. Being a teamwork oriented company, we build strong alliances. VTRAC has partnered with and is supporting seven other consulting and training organizations in Canada, U.S., and Japan.

Our Engagement Model, Your Results

Our bottom line is only as good as the results we achieve for you. Each client is put on a custom journey where we ensure you are best prepared for a smooth integration of our digital solutions. Through analyzing your business needs, customizing a solution, and integrating a custom plan for execution, we ensure you are best prepared for adaptation while maximizing results.


Honesty is the basis of our VTRAC’s beliefs. We place honesty and integrity above all else, while we trust knowledge and experience to be our door compass to deliver.

People Driven

People at VTRAC

High integrity, quality driven team players from diverse backgrounds, and various business environments who share our beliefs in Quality and Human Values. Our diversity is not only reflected in our members’ professional backgrounds but in our members’ personal backgrounds as well – at VTRAC we speak English, French, Farsi, Hindi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog.

VTRAC strongly believes in the development of its members and offers and/or supports its members to attend a variety of development programs, including:

Starter Training Program

Each new coming member will participate in VTRAC’s Starter Program, which includes an outline of VTRAC’s business methods, models, and techniques as well as technical training. At the end of the program, each individual will have a good understanding of VTRAC’s business, clarity on their role within VTRAC as well as short and long-term objectives.

VTRAC-Sponsored Training Programs

Each member is required to take at least one Professional or Personal Development program every year according to their individual development plans. Such plans will be created together with every individual.

VTRAC Contributed Training Programs

VTRAC encourages its members to seek out and identify additional programs and courses from various sources to supplement their professional growth. These programs may include business, technology, sales, communication, and personal or spiritual development.

Business Processes (VTRAC is an ITIL Compliant Organization)

VTRAC is a highly effective organization because of our commitment to process efficiency. We have spent many years building an industry-best quality-driven process and methodology with strong technology systems support. This enables members to minimize administration and reporting while all activities are processed and documented.

Sharing Ideas

One of the ways we have built a motivated team at VTRAC – we encourage the members to bring up any ideas, even the most unexpected ones and share them with all. Anyone can bring a new initiative and know that it is supported, and see many of them be implemented, which is the strongest motivator!

Community Work

VTRAC is an active member of the community and for many years we have been supporting the following organizations: Envision Education Foundation, World Vision Canada, Paradise Charity Children Foundation and Amnesty International.


VTRAC offers competitive compensation programs according to members’ experience and the contribution which include: competitive compensation, incentive, and benefit programs.

360-Degree Feedback

We at VTRAC believe in open communication and continuous improvement. As a positive addition to our performance management system, a 360-degree feedback program gives every member an opportunity to provide their feedback on a monthly basis about our business processes, management techniques, customer relations, and teamwork desired in the organization that drive us to accomplish our goals.

Community Driven

“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.” – Horace Mann

Since 1994, a part of VTRAC’s revenue has been contributed to the following Charities and Non-Profit organizations:

  • Amnesty International
  • EnVision Education Foundation
  • Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
  • McMichael Gallery
  • The United Way
  • Paradise Children Foundation
  • World Vision Canada

In 2010, VTRAC has founded EnVision Education Foundation www.envisionfdn.org. In partnership with the City of Toronto, EnVision offers Assessment, Training, Career Development, and Employment services to new immigrants and individuals in transition.

Commitment to Diversity

VTRAC has been committed to diversity since its inception in 1993. VTRAC is at the forefront of diversity initiatives for many of our clients. As a reflection of our commitment, in 2013, VTRAC was awarded the Certified Supplier status of the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC), a non-profit organization with the goal of boosting economic development efforts and employment of Canada’s Aboriginal and visible minority communities with some of Canada’s largest and most respected organizations. We are honoured to have received this certification from CAMSC and will continue to support diversity programs on behalf of all of our employees and clients.

For more information and support community, please contact admin@vtracrobotics.com or call (416) 366-2600.


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