Introduce a robot that enhances client experiences through welcoming and showcasing promotional collateral.


Digital start-ups and Internet giants use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline operations and to entice customers with more personal, relevant offerings by using technologically enabled platforms.  This provides businesses with a powerful set of tools to transform and streamline some of their most fundamental processes. Robots with intelligent capabilities are able to sort through records, schedule and adjust their ways of targeting through analytics and feedback collection.

VTRAC’s AI Platform can help businesses dramatically improve efficiency and enhance communication, marketing, productivity, and profitability so that they can focus on core business growth. Whether it is a robot that is the first impression while entering a business, or a robot that aids in experiential wow factor, we customize solutions based on your goals and brand.

Administrative Assistance

Greet and check-in clients, alert employees of client’s arrival, schedule appointments and deploy contact forms.

Promotional Robots

Engage clients through an intelligent interface and showcase promotional collateral, specials, case studies and entertaining material.

Retail Assistant with Payment Processing

Showcase products, guide clients to aisles, help answer FAQ, process credit card payments, and collect analytical data of client patterns

Hospitality Robots

Add value to your clients through entertainment, facial recognition of frequent clients, and adjusted personalized offerings based on client interactions

How our solution is different?

Robotics as a Service (RaaS)

Our main focus is to future-proof your business and recognize the increasing importance of the requirement for continuous transition and improvement. Through “Robotics as a Service (RaaS)”, we store data that is collected by the robots on our secured cloud, enabling access across multiple locations. Moreover, we enable your company to benefit from the collected data and apply it in your business real-time, in order to evolve and push future updates.

Holistic Industry Specialization

Our consulting approach focuses both on the tech side and business side of clients’ needs, providing a holistic view to innovative robotic solutions. We take your business through a customized journey based on your goals to introduce new values in competitive markets. Our subject matter experts specialize in different types of Businesses including Retail, Banking, Promotions, Education & Healthcare.

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