Environmental care Robots

Fighting COVID-19


We offer our new environmental friendly disinfection products. Our robots are one of the most efficient and environment friendly disinfection solutions in the fight against bacteria and viruses with obvious advantages of high efficiency, broad spectrum, thoroughness, no drug resistance and no secondary pollution. Our robotic solutions can be used in hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, subway cars, nursing and long-term care homes, schools and many other places.

Event-Planned Path

Customized disinfection path, covering an area of 25000 sq. m.

Reduced Costs & Increased Work Efficiency

Reduce costs and increase disinfection efficiency.

Automatic Return Charging

When the power is lower than the present value, it will automatically return to charging.


Customized Product Deployment

Customized product design according to actual needs and requirements.

Background Data Management

Provide information, assist with guiding, and collect live-time data for feedback.

Taking the Elevator Independently (Optional)

Can be linked with the ladder control system to work across floors.

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Are you ready to integrate Robotics into your Work Environment?

We are here to integrate robotic elements to your work environment to fight against bacteria and viruses.