HEALTH & Long Term Care

Introduce robotic solutions to provide assistance across various patient touch points including Elderly patients using AI-enabled solutions.

Health & Long Term Care

Introduce robotic solutions to provide assistance by providing live-time updates on a patients status through data on a secure cloud, even when doctors’ aren’t able to be physically present. Feel more at ease that your loved ones are getting the help they deserve, even when professional help isn’t readily available 24/7.


tate-of-the-art interventions to assist children and adults who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by facilitating interactive activities that help children access their education and engage in social activities with non-disabled peers, and adults to become productive members of society.

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Elderly Care

Enable telepresence healthcare in remote and/or oversaturated regions; monitor patients when not physically present; collect live-time data of patient’s wellbeing and trigger symptoms that may change the status of a patient’s health; and promote emotional wellbeing with a focus on loneliness reduction in long-term facilities, senior homes and children hospitals

How our solution is different?


Our main focus is to future-proof your business and recognize the increasing importance of the requirement for continuous transition and improvement. Through “Robotics as a Service (RaaS)”, we store data that is collected by the robots on our secured cloud, enabling access across multiple locations. Moreover, we enable your company to benefit from the collected data and apply it in your business real-time, in order to evolve and push future updates.


The digital footprint of customers is the key to improving services and making ongoing adjustments to provide the best possible customer experience. Our solutions included advanced integrations with our robots through as RFID, Facial recognition, and other secured authentication scenarios.

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