Our Research Solutions is built specially to solve your daily research tasks by implementing our AI based Process automation bot to solve some of the most time consuming tasks


Digital start-ups and Internet giants use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline operations and to entice customers with more personal, relevant offerings by using technologically enabled platforms.  This provides businesses with a powerful set of tools to transform and streamline some of their most fundamental processes. Robots with intelligent capabilities are able to sort through resume, schedule and adjust their ways of targeting through analytics and feedback collection.

VTRAC’s AI Platform can help HR Departments dramatically improve efficiency and enhance communication, productivity, and profitability so that they can focus on core business growth. Whether it is a robot that is the first impression while entering a business, or a robot that aids in experiential wow factor, we customize solutions based on your goals and brand.

Administrative Assistance

Our Cloud-based ERP solution is re-engineered to fill the new challenges in today businesses and improve efficiency.

Virtual Bot

Deploying a virtual bot to take control will take your business to the next level of efficiency to collect any data by your request

AI Bot

Searching for data has never been easier, with our advanced bot all your search will be done by our bot in a fast and precise way.


A dedicated dashboard to control the deployed bots with the power of Having precise and data-driven analytics is the key to plan your next strategic task

How our solution is different?

Virtual Agent

Having the ability to deploy a bot to handle the conversation and collecting data process allows your team to focus on more important tasks while an AI-enabled bot reaching your selected user in a real-time and cognitive manner by scheduling, asking, and follow back with questions based on the previous response will enable your business to  be the leader in efficiency and client satisfaction while maintaining a precise decision making  

AI Bot

We make it possible to predict new interested clients based on their behavior and status in order to optimize the search duration and put you ahead of the game, The Bot comes with additional features that selected carefully to deliver smooth experience without the distraction of overloaded solutions we are more focused on the efficiency and user experience 

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