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Let our Team take your company on the journey of implementing Robotic Solutions. From analyzing your business needs to the deployment and product release, we introduce a seamless integration model with your key goals in mind.

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Our Team of Experts are ready to take over the process of adapting your market reality with the latest technology to stay ahead of the game and delegate the most complicated and time consuming tasks to our customizable AI Solutions Starting from assigning our virtual bots to large scale tasks to deploying a physical robotic experience for your customers, We help you exploit the full potential of your data and accelerate the executing your tasks



Our Virtual AI Enabled Bots are designed to manage large-scale operations with high precision and effective results, optimizing the execution of tasks. Let us give you the gift of time!


Deploying our RaaS Solution, we help your business make sound decisions real-time, based on the collected data from our Cognitive Robots.

Current Solutions

Autism Software

VTRAC Robotics is proud to provides state-of-the-art interventions to assist children and adults who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by facilitating interactive activities that help children access their education and engage in social activities with non-disabled peers, and adults to become productive members of society. The lessons focus on promoting learning readiness skills, social skills, activities of daily living, and academics.

Upcoming Solution


Enable telepresence healthcare in remote and/or oversaturated regions; monitor patients when not physically present; collect live-time data of patient’s wellbeing and trigger symptoms that may change the status of a patient’s health; and promote emotional wellbeing with a focus on loneliness reduction in long-term facilities, senior homes and children hospitals

Upcoming Solution

VTRAC-RPA: Robotics Process Automation Platform

VTRAC-RPA is an advanced solution designed with the latest technologies, with the goal of simplifying challenges in our era by providing businesses with large scale automation solutions. These solutions will execute time-consuming HR Tasks, enhancing overall workflow efficiencies.

Upcoming Solution

VTRAC-CRIP: Cognitive Robotics Integration Platform

VTRAC-CRIP is a Cognitive Platform that allows users to communicate specific needs, with the robot being able to distinguish and execute the task. This will be performed in our real-time cloud-based solution, giving the user a seamless experience with a robot, based on natural speech communication.

Custom Made Solutions

If you have a business need that no other products were able to completely fulfil, Our team embrace challenges and welcome you to submit your custom request for us to solve and keep track of its performance to allow your business to grow with a scalable and adaptive solution

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THE FIRST ROBOT-DELIVERED AUTISM THERAPY, Ready to Help Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder?