Abilix Humanoid Robot Standard Kit (H1-B)

$600.00 $428.00

Realize over 14 teaching & activity models
Educational robot designed for beginners
Modular design and quick building
Learn to program with servo motors and sensors


Product description
The Humanoid Robot Standard Kit (H1-B) is designed for beginners. Core parts of the kit are 4 intelligent servo motors, 1 integrated sensor block, 1 controller, etc. Users can realize 14 teaching & activity models like greeting penguin, mechanical arm, music car, sound detector, cliff rover, clapping penguin, PTZ, angry duck and biped monster.

Apart from building humanoid robots, H1 series kits can also be sued to build various lively bio-robots. This makes teaching activities more interesting and diversified. Compared with Abilix H1 robot kits, the demerits of traditional humanoid kits are very obvious. Traditional humanoid kits are not reconfigurable, you can only realize 1 preset humanoid robot model, and leave students with no chance to make new models. Core parts like servo motors, sensor blocks in H1 series robot kits are standard modules.

The controller features Bluetooth, a gyroscope and 2 programs storage and the remote control handle has an ergonomic design that brings the sense of modern technology.

The sensor block integrates 3 distance measuring sensors, 3 light sensors, 1 sound sensor and 1 buzzer.


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