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Standing just under 5 feet tall, Alice provides an intuitive user interface that is applicable across industries. She is equipped with SLAM Tech, making navigation an ease, and has options for payment processing. Perfect for offices, restaurants, and promotional settings, Alice is a robot that will stand out from the crowd

The Multifunctional Genius

Designed to provide excellent customer service, Alice is a multifunctional professional service robot that will assist and guide from the moment you meet her. She is a friendly and smart lady, who can interact with you, entertain guests, answer questions, and provide navigation. Alice can also identify your emotions based on your expressions, body movements, voice and the words you use and will select the most suitable way to respond to you. She is equipped with face recognition technology, a high-level security obstacle-avoidance radar, data processing functions, and service platforms with payment and printing options, making her the perfect solution for your business needs. With this Alice, you will not get lost in Wonderland.

Main Activities:

    • Office Delivery Assistance
    • Guest Greeting/Reception
    • Airport/Mall/Shop Assistance
    • Ad Broadcast
    • Payment Processing
    • Promotional/Retail Support
Weight 94 kg
Dimensions 75 × 70 × 177 cm

1 review for Alice

  1. Monica Zhang

    Very beautiful robot Alice in black clothing

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