iPAL For People


The iPAL Robot is your friendly, neighbourhood companion. Perfect for a wide range of use cases including schools, homes, elderly care centres, and retail environments; he is entertaining, engaging, and educational. Ask iPAL personally and he will tell you that he enjoys offices as well! Compatible with both iPAL specific apps, an SDK, and the ability to download from Google Play, making the opportunities to interact endless.

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Features & Applications

  • Conversational speech dialogue, natural language understanding, Text to Speech
  • Detection of sound direction, detection of emotion, question and answer
  • Face recognition, Object tracking and following, Maze-running
  • Learning capability to adapt behaviour to improve interactions with its environment – for example, learns the preferences and habits of its host family
  • Remote Control and safety monitoring by smartphone, telepresence
  • Numerous entertainment & promotional applications
  • Software to manage, update, and for content enhancement
  • High-level content editor to enable non-programmers to develop robot content combining media (like a song), robot motions, expressions, etc.
  • Emotion Recognition and Response

Carefully Designed Hardware

  • Robust modular design, easy to replace parts
  • No gaps in the robot to catch or pinch fingers
  • Batteries in the base to lower centre of gravity and make tipping less likely
  • Obstacle avoidance and moves only when safe
  • Tested for collisions, impacts, etc.

Main Activities:

  • Business/Promotional Assistant
  • Guest Greeting/Office Support
  • Education/Elder Companionship/Care
  • Retail/Hospitality
Weight 18.2 kg
Dimensions 121 × 61 × 61 cm


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