Krypton 3

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Explore the World of Robotics with Krypton

This Modular Robot Kit is a fun and interactive way to learn introductory coding! With over 100 hours of playtime and over 19 projects to choose, Krypton is a fan favourite! Engage in STEM-based play, and bring your robot to life through learning 3 different coding techniques, advancing from drag & drop to scratch and chart programming. Navigate your motorcycle through an obstacle course, breathe life into a seesaw, watch your car zoom past your very own eyes, and let Krypton series become your next all-in-1 robot!

Ages: 6+

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Engaged STEM Learning

Founded by Abilix, the Krypton series is putting the fun back into fundamentals of Chart & Scratch coding! Being established in more than 40,000 schools with over 550 patents, they specialize in providing quality education with endless entertainment. Be part of the Krypton team and immerse yourself into STEM Learning through captivating play!

395+ Components, Infinite Creativity

The Krypton 3 is equipped with 5 sensors, 2 motors, a Powerful Brain, and revolutionary 6-sided assembling blocks. Kids and adults can unleash their imagination and bring their robotic projects to life!

Designed with your imagination in mind

Compatible with all other Krypton products, you can explore expansions with additional components, sensors and projects, ranging from beginner to advanced levels!

WER Exclusive

Abilix is the exclusive platform for the World Education Robotics Contest with over 500,000 contestants in 50 countries!

App-Enabled Entertainment

Compatible with iOS and Android-based systems, Krypton’s interactive 3-in-1 app “Abilix Krypton” helps breathe life into your projects! Through this app, learn the fundamentals about sensors, motors, and how they interact with each other when you code! Build your projects with ease through an interactive 3D manual, and prepare for tomorrow’s programming with today’s play! Programming styles include:

  • Project Programming: learn introductory coding through an introductory program that is simplified for beginners to understand!
  • Abilix Chart: Advance to the flowchart programming software that teaches you to design and run complicated programs.
  • Abilix Scratch: Learn a graphical style of programming through Abilix Scratch. This software’s commands and parameters can be set by the brick-shaped icons and codes for controlling the brick robot and can be easily generated by dragging the icons to the editing area. 
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1 review for Krypton 3

  1. farshad Naj

    Tried this instead of lego sets. So happy I did. Good quality, very entertaining and my daughter is making different things everyday. So happy with my purchase

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