VT-KA Model Vending Machines, View Description

VT-KA Mpdel Vending Machines store and distribute not only protective equipment (PPE), but also other types of items. This is the solution of storing and handing out protective products to your employees, guests, and customers in effective, fast, simple, and most importantly touchless way. VT-KA vending machines have 6 shelves that can store up to 600 items depending on the dimensions of each product. The UV Disinfecting Light can be added to the product delivery area of the machine.

All vending machines come with the POS TOUCH payment systems which is  the all-in-one solution for cashless payments and integrated telemetry. Consumers can experience the personal touch of automated and touchless payments using their debit card at a vending machine or paying with their mobile phone at any unattended machines across various applications.

VT-KA Vending Machines’ Features:

  • Dimensions (H, W, D):
    • AM SLIM: 72″ (183 cm) x 29 5/16″ (75 cm) x 28 1/2″ (73 cm)
    • US LARGE: 72″ (183 cm) x 33″ (83 cm) x 34 1/4″ (87 cm)
    • US X-LARGE: 72″ (183 cm) x 41″ (105 cm) x 34 1/4 (87 cm)
  • Weight:
    • AM SLIM: 412 lbs (187 kg)
    • US LARGE: 431 lbs (196 kg)
    • US X-LARGE: 516 lbs (234 kg)
  • 35 Standard; Configurable up to 65 items
  • LED Lighting
  • UV disinfecting light can be added upon request (OPTIONAL)
  • VEBDIT Keypad Interface (PIN # only)

POS TOUCH Payment System’s Features:

  • High-resolution touchscreen with gorilla glass which safeguards the device from vandalism
  • Integrated with telemetry, cashless clearance, monitoring and BI providing real-time inventory, cash monitoring, alerts, and reports
  • Easy installation to a vending machine or other unattended  machines
  • Voice interaction in local languages: can display two languages
    Secure communication with 24/7 connection

Multiple Payment Methods:

  • Debit & Credit Cards:
    • Swipe, contact or contactless, EMV chip cards
  • Mobile & NFC Payments:
    • Google Play, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay
    • Interac, Swish, Twint, Paytm, MobilePay
    • Monyx Wallet
  • Prepaid Cards and Closed Environemnts


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