Snow Plus

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Performing all of Snow’s tasks, this penguin look-alike has been renewed and improved with a dual OS for Android and Linux as well as UI in Chinese, English, and Japanese with speech recognition for ten languages deployed from Microsoft. Upgraded with an AI cloud intelligent back-end platform comprised of 27 software programs for different service sectors, customizable functions, and navigation technology, Snow 2.0 is sure to blow you away like a snowstorm.

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Even More Integration

In addition to her upgrades, Snow’s previous popular features still remain. Her 13.3-inch Android screen showcases the spectrum of her wide range of abilities all while providing accurate navigation through a SLAM Tech platform. Her Android-based system gives customers endless options to download many apps from Google Play, including Amazon Alexa. Most importantly, her open Software Development Kit enables businesses to have the platform to customize their robot to meet their specific needs, making Snow relevant across industries.

Main Activities:

  • Informational Support
  • Retail/Hospitality
  • Guest Greeting/ Reception
  • Promotional Activities/ Ad Broadcasting
Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 66 × 68 × 136 cm


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